Safety Committee remains United



   KristensLaw supporters returned to Lombard Village Hall  with  hopes of retaining consensus on the Safety Committee’s unofficial vote last month regarding the steel fence proposal.Public Works along with the Transportation  Safety Committee held a joint session enabling Public Works members to voice their concerns. Chairperson Richard Tross cited potential problems with the public right of way along with lawn maintenance issues. Committee member Dave Arnold noted he had seen many people killed on the railroad tracks and offered educational pamphlets as the best protection for the children living along the high speed railway.  Art Frerichs, another Works Committee member agreed that education and awareness is the answer. Though he confessed he himself used to climb a 6 foot fence to cross tracks despite his mothers repeated warnings. T.E.A.R.S. President Ray Zukowski recognized education and awareness as a top priority but supporters of KristensLaw are asking for a physical barrier. “This stretch of tracks has a long history of death and will continue to take lives until the necessary safety improvements are implemented. In this case we need more than just pamphlets. There are simply too many young children living here. Most kids are aware of the dangers, it is more a matter of convenience. With no nearby safety crossings children and adults will continue to use this deadly path.” Members of The Safety Committee agreed and remained united on the installation of the rugged steel fencing. Costs for the continuous fencing from Western Ave. to N. Westmore is estimated at $60,000 while the previously considered bushes were actually more. Safety member Tom Murphy noted, “If this could save one life it is money well spent.” Chairperson Steve Sebby announced, “We need to send a message to other communities.” Both men drawing a loud round of applause from supporters. The 9-3 vote will prompt the committee to recommend the fence to the Village Board for approval on Thursday, October 19th at 7:30 pm at the Lombard Village Hall 222 E. Wilson. The public is encouraged to attend and show their support.


Lombard Meet pictures


Safety Committee

T.E.A.R.S. Ray Zukowski

Wes Anderson

The Danger Zone

Art Kuehl/ Richard Tross/ Steve Sebby/

Joint Committee

Nicole Bobor Input

Bob Difino/Paul Larkin

Tross Concerned about Right of Way

John Kaforski/ Art Frerichs

Dan Mahal/Ken Blakeslee

Jean Nolan/ Dave Arnold

Activist Sharon Lechtenberg

John Price Jr.

Zukowski " Fences or Gravesites ?"

Police Efforts

Public Works Concerns

The Costs

Dave Arnold offered Pamphlets

Dave Arnold/Dan Mahal/Ken Blakeslee

John Kaforski

Art Frerichs/Art Kuehl


Kendra Bowen

Wes Anderson/Nick Hatfield


Tom Murphy

Public Works Chair Richard Tross

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