My name is Kristen Iím 14 years old

I have a twin sister, who I don't know what I'd do without her

We fight a whole lot but right after we laugh about it

She's the coolest girl you'll ever meet. I LOVE her SO much

Now, more about me:

My nicknames consist of kwisty and T

Iím a sucker for romantic guys

I look up to my sisters and brothers

I have dark brown hair light brown eyes

My birthday is July 13

I love my Mom so much, even though I never see her

I have the loudest laugh, and I do it a lot

I tend to laugh alone at my jokes

I think that all girls are fake to a certain level

Two-faced people annoy me

My favorite shows are House, Laguna Beach and American Idol

I love to sing, Iím not very good though

I need to have the radio in the bathroom while I shower

I dislike gossip and drama its such a waste of time

Iím loud and talk fast, always. Without realizing it

I love getting my hair cut and dying it

I believe that first impressions really are everything

Youíve got to show me that youíre worth my time

My friends are the coolest people youíll ever meet, seriously

I love taking the train to downtowns and going out to eat with them

Youíll find me sitting outside during a thunderstorm

Lightning fascinates me, its so crazy and unordinary

I cry very easily and can hide it very well

My favorite food is tomato soup and grilled cheese

A candle lit dinner on the beach watching the sunset, my dream date

My summer goals were to go to great America, go to a concert and a drive in movie . yah, none of that happened unfortunately

I love to play softball, Go Demons. First place baby

I like salt on my pizza if its pepperoni

Iíd pick water over pop almost any day

I dislike spiders, and almost every other kind of bug

I have a cat named gypsy whoís a sweetheart

I also have two hamsters, who donít have names

I want to get married sometime in my 20ís and have a big family

Coming from one myself, I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers

I live with my dad his girlfriend and two of my sisters Kendra and Nicole,everyone else is older

me and Kendra ..most people say weíreď the worst twins ever ď

My favorite colors are vibrant ones

I hate nuts in my ice cream

I donít like chocolate cake or frosting, if I eat cake it has to be vanilla with whipped cream topping

I can sometimes be a bitch :)

I hate walking alone at night time, it scares me

I hate walking by myself in general

I like to do things in groups of people, but love single date just as much

I love to do karaoke because Iím good of making a fool outta myself

I hate waking up early period.

If I fall asleep with the T.V on I will ALWAYS wake up in the middle of the night and have to get up and turn it off

I bring a glass of water with me to bed

I have to have the music blasting while Iím cleaning and getting ready

I have curly hair, but straighten it most of the time

If Iím broke and I get money I will usually blow it on fun shampoo and conditioner

I think Iíve almost tried every kind at Jewel in the hair section

My favorite perfume is Love Spell from Victoria Secrete and cucumber melon

I look up to anybody who can live in the moment, itís not always easy to do



JULY 13, 1991-FEBRUARY 11, 2006