Kristenís Story
Chapter 1 The Birth

July 13,1991

A high risk pregnancy and a premature labor produced immediate life threatening concerns for pre-named twins Argent and Cash Bowen. After a seven month pregnancy and a premature birth, parents Katherine Bowen and Ray Zukowski were caught unprepared for the early arrival and somewhat confused. Previous ultrasound examinations had determined this fraternal pair uh... To be of the male gender. With little time to reflect on the mistaken anatomy the parentís concerns were with the health of these little ones. The twins born at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois weighed in as follows:
  • Born at 2:03 am Baby Girl #1 checked in at 4 lbs 1oz.
  • Baby Girl #2 was delivered at 2:12 am barely tipping the scales at 3 lbs 12oz.

    The babies upon birth were rushed directly to the Centerís Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Despite her size, Baby girl #1 seemed active and alert but Baby girl #2 was Frail, barely moving, discolored and struggling to breathe on her own. Baby girl #2 would be diagnosed with heart murmurs, under developed lungs and jaundice. Both children would would remain in the incubators fed intravaneously and monitored closely. As the parents dug in for the long haul, family members would pray for their survival.

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