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Coping with Death and Grief

Most students all fear death and they all believe that they will live forever. But death will enter our lives. Students therefore need to learn how to live with death, dying and grief.

Why the Fear of Death?

There are several reasons why students may be afraid of dying:

Impact of Loss: The Grieving Process

When a loved one/classmate is dying or dies, there is a grieving process. Recovery is a slow and emotionally painful one. The grieving process can be less painful if you try to understand that loss and grief is a natural part of life. Learn to accept your loss and believe in yourself. Believe that you can cope with tragic happenings. Let your experience be a psychological growth process that will help you to deal with future stressful events. The grieving process usually consists of the following stages. Note that not everyone goes through all these stages.

Ways to Cope with Death and Dying

Ways to Help a Bereaved Student