Kendraís 15th Birthday

This Thursday July 13, 2006 will mark the first time Kendra Bowen will not have her twin sister Kristen available to share with any birthday festivities. Instead of a party, family and friends are invited to pay tribute on behalf of Kristen by visiting the Memorial at North Terrace Park or visit the grave site at Queen of Heaven Cemetery. The Memorial, stocked regularly with flowers took on a new look recently with the donation of a beautiful plaque honoring Kristen and new pictures have been substituted in place of the old sun faded photos. Originally plans were considered for a birthday party at the park but to date no safety barrier has been erected on either sides of the tracks and Kristenís Family felt this would be inappropriate. Those of you that may find it difficult to visit the cemetery at this troubling time are urged to stop by the Memorial where Kristenís heart, spirit and personality live on forever! Kendra well wishers can contact her by calling 630-629-7219 or 630-624-0276.