RR gates set at fatal crash site in Ill.


By Harry Levins




Railroad crossing gates will be placed at the site of a fatal collision last year in Marissa, Ill.

The Illinois Commerce Commission voted Wednesday to approve plans for the gates, where Illinois Central Railroad tracks cross South Main Street and Finger Hill Road.

Last Nov. 20, an Illinois Central coal train struck an SUV that was crossing the tracks. The collision killed three people in the SUV -- Tina Porter, 43, her daughter Allaysa Porter, 13, and a friend, Donna Calvert, 13. It seriously injured a third girl, Julie Seymour, 12.

The crossing gates will cost about $272,000. The commission's Grade Crossing Proetction Fund will pay 95 cent, with the Illinois Central paying the rest.

The gates should be in place before Labor Day next year.


Donna Calvert Age 13/ Allaysa Porter Age 13


More from ICC

  The Illinois Commerce Commission has approved plans to improve the railroad crossings at South Main Street and Finger Hill Road in Marissa.

  The track is operated by the Illinois Central Railroad Company.

  The project includes the installation of new automatic flashing light signals and gates controlled by constant warning time circuitry at both crossings.

  The total estimated cost for the improvements is $272,271. The Grade Crossing Protection Fund will pay 95 percent of the installation costs, not to exceed $258,670. The Illinois Central Railroad Company will pay all remaining installation costs as well as all future operating and maintenance costs.

  The work is expected to be completed by Aug. 29, 2008.


   A BIG THANKS to KristensLaw author John Davis for his efforts and communications with the ICC !  A BIG THANKS to Ken Calvert, Mike Porter along with the Seymour Family and the entire Marissa Community !  A BIG THANKS to T.E.A.R.S. Representatives for their efforts and work with the victim's families. Our Hearts and Prayers are with you always !