Kristen A Special Tribute


It has been one year since the tragic loss of Kristen Bowen.The popular Willowbrook honors student was killed last year while taking a short cut over railroad tracks that separated her home from North Terrace Park.Despite frigid February temperatures, family, friends, and key political figures paid tribute in a ceremony honoring Kristen and the railroad safety progress that has evolved since her death.Fence posts already in place surrounded North Terrace Park in what will soon be a permanent barrier separating the park from the dangerous east west railway that runs along side it.The ceremony took place at the site of Kristenís Memorial where individuals took turn remembering Kristen and the changes made since her death.Father Tuan from St. Alexanderís parish said a prayer and blessed the park and its surrounding area.Other speakers included Villa Park Mayor Joyce Stupegia, Lombard Safety Trustee Steve Sebby and T.E.A.R.S. Vice President Helen Byrd who coordinated the event.Later, KristensLaw supporters warmed up in the nearby utility building where hot coffee, doughnuts and sandwiches were offered.Kristenís Law, written and introduced by Villa Park Trustee John Davis calls for safety barriers that would separate trains from parks and schools.

††††††††††† A heart felt thank you goes out to T.E.A.R.S., Mayor Stupegia, Steve Sebby, Father Tuan, the Davis family, band members Fred Miller, John Price and Kevin Kaiser, Perryís Music, Dunkin Doughnuts, Jewel Osco, The Village of Villa Park,The Daily Herald, Press Publications, Liberty Suburban and all who participated and contributed to this special event.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† KristensLaw

2/11/07 Kristen's Tribute Pictures

North Terrace Lot

East/West Railway

Kristen's Law Supporters

Mayor Addresses Crowd

MC Miller Introduces Father

Father Tuan with a Prayer

Single Section of Fence

T.E.A.R.S. Event

Mayor Joyce Stupegia

Father Tuan

Lombard Board Member Steve Sebby

T.E.A.R.S. VP Helen Byrd

MC Fred Miller

Supporter Amanda McCaleb

Father Tuan Alexanders Parish

Sebby Pause for Train

Faith and Brittany

Tiffany Davis Sam and Jackie

Stupegia and Sebby

Memorial Site

Jason and Megan

Dave and Aubrey

Mrs. Wilkinson


Kristen's Memorial

Park's Utility Building Post Ceremony

Post Ceremony 2

Post Ceremony 3

Sarah Roberta Katie Kelly

Warming Up

N. Terrace Park Utility Building

Kevin Kaiser and Fred Miller

"Wish You Were Here"

The Band

Price Kaiser Miller

Kristen's Family

Kristen's Portrait

"Super Heroes Never Die"

Lost But Not Forgotten

We Love You !

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