Long Rehab Road Ahead for Seymour Girl


T.E.A.R.S. representatives received more good news today regarding Julie Seymour’s condition following last weeks train/SUV collision.  Diane Purviance, Julie’s mom informed us doctors had upgraded her condition from serious to fair and she has been moved out of ICU up to the third floor.  Surgery was done to repair her broken right arm Tuesday and her circulation has improved.  Early concerns had doctors considering an amputation but family and friends remain optimistic.  Head injuries and a clavicle fracture are part of the long list of injuries sustained.  “There is going to be a long rehab period.  Julie is not always sure about her surroundings,” noted Diane who remains camped out at the medical center.  Doctors are optimistic about a complete physical recovery, unfortunately Julie’s mental abilities remain an uncertainty. T.E.A.R.S. President Ray Zukowski announced his non profit group has ironed out

details with Hospital Administration and will be picking up the tab as far as feeding friends and family visitors

at the Medical Center’s cafeteria throughout the long haul.

         Any correspondence for Julie should be mailed to

address below. Please note her new room number is #3506 and her favorite band is AC/DC !

        Our Hearts and Prayers remain with Julie and family members.


    Cardinal Glennon

Children’s Medical Center

Patient Rm#3506 Julie Seymour

   1465 S. Grand Blvd.

  St. Louis, MO. 63104