Meeting With Mayor November 16, 2006


                T.E.A.R.S. President Ray Zukowski along with KristensLaw author John Davis met with Villa Park President Joyce Stupegia to discuss scheduling and funding related to North Terrace Park and the railway that runs east of the park.  It was learned that proceeds from Union Pacific Railroad had been forwarded to Peerless Fence and that work will begin in the next couple of weeks. A maintenance crew from Villa Park could begin a “clean up” at North Terrace as early as Monday November 20.  At this time the old broken down cyclone fence will be removed making way for the new 6ft. steel barrier. The mayor along with T.E.A.R.S. will continue to seek funding that would allow the fence to continue east from N. Westmore all the way to Villa Ave.

Stupegia along with John Davis were fresh off a “Railroad Blitz”, once again dedicating another day to railroad safety and safety reforms. Taking it one step further activist Davis announced his candidacy for Villa Park Board Trustee.  With a spot open John should be appointed Monday November 20 filling in the boards vacancy.  Elections for Davis to hold the seat will be held in April 2007.

                Please note due to the scheduled maintenance at North Terrace Park Kristen Bowen’s memorial has been taken down.  The plan is to resurrect the memorial along the parks north\south fence.  Upon approval we hope to have it back up by the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Plans for a permanent memorial honoring Kristen are in the works and we will keep you updated as the details are worked out. 




Joyce Stupegia

John Davis

Ray Zukowski