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††††† Like so many others Jonathan Siwek would walk his dogs along the Canadian National railroad

†† tracks that run north and south along Sacramento Ave in Mt. Greenwood, IL. On the morning of

†† Friday October 20, 2006 Jonathan would not return home. His journey cut short by a CSX

†† freight train just after 4:00 am that morning. Nearby residents were awakened by the sounds of

†† a trainís whistle and brakes followed by desperate screams for help. Most of the neighborhood

†† without leaving their homes already knew what had just occurred. It is believed that Jonathan

†† prior to being struck by the freight, hit his head after losing his footing on a slippery embankment. Immobilized,

†† his legs laid vulnerable to the oncoming train. With his faithful companions Mort and Lady still by his side

†† attempts to tie offhemorrhaging from Jonathanís severed legs proved futile. Jonathan Siwek age 28

†† was pronounced dead at 8:05 am at the Stein Institute.

††††† Citizens living along this dangerous railway have informed us that Mt. Greenwood Cemetery located

†† just a few feet east of the tracks is a popular place for residents to let their dogs run loose and for under age

drinkers to congregate. A fence used to secure the cemetery property from rails and residents but presently

paths and holes are found routinely along these tracks. KristensLaw has contacted the cemetery proprietors

in regards to these issues but it remains unclear if any maintenance might be scheduled. The cemetery has

periodically made repairs but children and neighbors continue to gain access to their property either cutting

new holes or undoing whatever repairs that had been made. T.E.A.R.S. President Ray Zukowski noted

ď The west side of these tracks need to be secured, among other dangerous issues there are elementary school doors less than

40 yards from this set of tracks.Ē Residents, many of them parents point out the lack of any protective barrier being

an open invitation as far as access to cemetery property. Residents along Sacramento Ave. report

rocks coming through windows, alcohol abuse and the need for increased law enforcement. Others

are not in favor of any fencingThese residents appear to have staked a claim to the property along the

railway as if it were their own back yard. Although some confessed it is just a matter of time before

others were killed, a fence would interfere with summer picnics, volleyball games, also access to the cemetery

would be cut off.Though still unconfirmed the property looks to belong to Canadian National or CN

arich and powerful North American transporter.

††††† KristensLaw has filed an online complaint with the Illinois Commerce Commission and recommends

others to do the same. Pending election results, the proper State Representative will also be served notice

along with all news affiliates and Village Officials

††††† The tragic death of Mr. Siwek a Union Pacific railroad employee reminds us that knowledge and

†† experience concerning the dangers of the railways is only part of the safety equation. If circumstances

†† are just right (or wrong) the railroad makes no exceptions and death plays no favorites.

†††††† While T.E.A.R.S. checks into the death history for this stretch of rails, KristensLaw author

†† John Davis will make pleas to Village Officials along with the railroad in hopes of putting an end to the

†† death count.


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† KristensLaw


T.E.A.R.S., KristensLaw, Kristens family and growing support groups everywhere express there deepest sympathies to the Siwek Family.

Activists Supporting Kristens Law feel this death should have been prevented. Please report high risk areas to info@kristenslaw.org

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Jonathan Siwek



Residents Path to Pet Area

Jonathan Siwek Memorial

Cemetery Fence Hole #1

Cemetery Cut Through #2

Cemetery Popular Path #3

A view from the Holy Fence

Expect More Business

Pet Play Area ?

Residents Path to Pet Area

Another Access Point to Cemetery


RR Rocks Breaking Windows

Tracks Used as Sidewalk

School Doors on Top of Rails

Hoping School will Speak Out!

Rotted RR ties are Common Place

Parents look for Help

Stones Mark Path over Tracks

Residents Have Claimed the Land

A view onto S. Sacramento Ave.

Children Play Area