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Village of Villa Park officials have confirmed the date for installation of a permanent memorial remembering Kristen Bowen and all who have lost their lives to the railroad.Kristenís Law author John Davis, working with Mayor Joyce Stupegia have declared the ceremony will take place at North Terrace Park on Saturday November 17 at 10:00 am, near the site where Kristen was killed attempting to access the park.The death of the popular teen motivated residents to pursue safety fencing securing the residents and park from the nearby rails. Railroad safety advocates won approval from Union Pacific, Metra, Lombard and Villa Park.The steel fencing was installed last February.

††††††††††† The new memorial will consist of a 1400lb boulder bearing an attractive bronze plaque.An Oak Tree will be planted as well as tulip bulbs surrounding the stone.Proceeds from last years VFW car wash fundraiser organized by Tiffany Davis will be used towards funding the memorial.T.E.A.R.S. Representatives, Village and Railroad officials will be on hand to commemorate Kristen and the progress made since her death. This event is open to the public. Get directions here.