Success!! KristensLaw Prevails


            In a quest that began nearly 8 months ago, the Lombard Village Board of Trustees would be the last obstacle remaining for KristensLaw supporters.  One last time activists poured there way through the Village Hall in hopes of securing the Village Boards final approval on the fencing that would secure the east west railway in District 4.  After winning a 9-3 vote from the Public Works / Safety Committee last week the proposal was put on the boards agenda for last nights meeting.  Although individual votes were not taken, the Lombard Trustees approved the fence proposal upon the reading of the evenings consent agenda.  All indications were the Board had already considered and approved the recommendation prior to the actual meeting.

            The Board should have details worked out by Novembers meeting and set a date as early as December to begin the work.  KristensLaw supporters expressed some disapproval on how the meeting was handled and offered concerns as to the reasoning behind the Boards approval.  John Davis representing Villa Park noted, “He (President Mueller) just wants to make Villa Park look bad, Lombard has only 600 feet of fencing to care about.  The estimate for Villa Park is 6 miles.”  Villa Park will seek funding from grants as well as the community in hopes of securing North Terrace Park from the tracks on their southern boundaries.

            Ray Zukowski father of the latest victim Kristen Bowen, 14, had this to add. “This is a huge victory for us and I applaud Lombard for taking the necessary steps in correcting this dangerous situation.  Their decision sends a message to other communities and will undoubtedly save lives locally and statewide.”  The evening concluded with a late celebration dinner for the support group following the meeting.  The celebration was short lived however, less than 8 hours after the Lombard Board approved the fence, KristensLaw was notified of another pedestrian fatality in nearby Mt. Greenwood.  T.E.A.R.S. representatives have met with the victims family and a complete investigation is underway. 

Visitation will be held for Jonathon Siwek age 28 at Hann Funeral Home 8230 S. Harlem Ave. Bridgeview, IL from 3pm – 9pm Monday October 23, 2006

Services are scheduled for Tuesday at 9:00am with mass at St. Alexander Church at 10:00am Tuesday.

Jonathon Siwek will then make his final stop, joining our beloved Kristen Bowen at Queen of Heaven Cemetery 1400 S. Wolf Rd. Hillside, IL

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Siwek Family.




10/19 Meeting Pictures

Kenneth Florey

Greg Gron

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John Obrien

Steve Sebby

Richard Soderstrom

Richard Tross

Kristen Teresa Bowen

Village Board

The Supporters

The People

Kristen Remembered

Protect Our Children

John Davis

Supporter Marge Malahy

" How many Deaths can we Justify ? "

Nicole and Donna Setzer

Petitioned Area Residents

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John and Tiffany Davis

Brian and Alicia King

KristensLaw Supporters Celebrate

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