Lombard Safety Committee Unanimous on Fence

KristensLaw activists along with a huge supporting cast from nearby communities joined forces in an effort to push forward the safety fence approval for the petitioned area. One by one the standing room only crowd voiced the need for a strong secure fence over the previously considered thorny bushes. By meetings end it was clear the safety committee, led by Chair Steve Sebby were on the same page. An unofficial unanimous vote in favor of the desired steel will prompt the committee to recommend the fence to the village board for approval, most likely in October.

KristensLaw author John Davis, petitioned area leader Alicia King, along with T.E.A.R.S. President Ray Zukowski were pleased with the meetings results and hoped that construction might start by the end of the calendar year. The emotional event offered plenty of questions, answers, and debate along with a good share of cheers and tears. In hopes of securing the Committees approval Zukowski offered his analogy. "This stretch of tracks has taken 5 lives in the last 18 years. If there was a serial killer on the loose, we would do everything in our power to hunt down, arrest, prosecute and jail the offender regardless of costs or inconvenience. This one is easy. We know who the killer is, we know where the killer is, all we need to do is lock him up." The crowd cheered as Zukowski raised a sample of the black heavy-duty fencing.

In a touching show of remembrance several patrons carried sections of fence displaying pictures of Kristen Bowen. The popular teen became the most recent victim taken by this railway when she attempted to take a shortcut over the tracks to North Terrace Park last February. KristensLaw

Standing Room Only

Activists Alicia King and John Davis

TEARS President Ray Zukowski

Preferred Fence

Meeting 9/12

Not Forgotten

Neighborhood Input

Zukowski Presents Fence

Glennon Responds

Zukowski Recalls Tragedies

Steve Sebby

John Schwarz

Tom Murphy

Wes Anderson

Jean Nolan

Jim Glennon

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