Kristenís Law Reveals untold Stegar Story

After Three days in Steger, IL we discovered that in the haste to get the Marielle Anderson tragedy out to the public quickly, many of the major news affiliates may have parts of their stories wrong.

Here Are Our Findings

  1. Tuesday May 23, 2006 Preparing for High School Graduation Marielle Anderson had her hair done at Ninas Salon at 36 E. 34th St. in Stegar IL, Marielle left the salon at 4:35 pm.

  2. Marielle was not running late for work or in any rush. She was not scheduled to work at the village video store until 6:00pm. The video store is two short blocks from the salon.

  3. It is unlikely Marielle was wearing any kind of headphones or ear plugs, we could not locate anyone that had seen her with any such items and none were found at the scene. Also doubt any girl would put on head phones immediately after having her hair done.

  4. The salon is approximately 35 yards from where the Union Pacific Freight Train struck Marielle.

  5. The location where Marielle was struck is in a busy, noisy, business district.

  6. The safety gates protecting the automobiles did not extend over the pedestrian crossing.

  7. The loud warning bell sound does not exist at this location or was malfunctioning during our inspections.

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  8. Sunlight and the position of the sun would have made warning lights less visible than at other times of the day.

  9. We believe Marielle upon leaving the salon rode her bike looking straight ahead. After clearing the building on her left side she had little or no time at all to react to the approaching train on her left. The bicycle ride from Ninaís Salon to the tracks only takes about 4 seconds.

  10. Marielle was taken to St. James hospital and pronounced dead at 5:08 pm Tuesday May 23, 2006. Although Stegar police would not speak with us we learned their investigation is ongoing (as is ours).

Marielle C. Anderson was an intelligent, young, beautiful girl that is loved by many.

KristensLaw, Kristens family and growing support groups everywhere express there deepest sympathies to the Anderson Family.

Activists Supporting Kristens Law feel this death could have been prevented. Please report high risk areas to

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