Villa Park Railway Safety Fencing Completed !

                                                               April 2, 2009


                 Local politicians and railroad safety advocates rallied today in honor of the safety fencing recently completed  in Villa Park, IL.  The additional fencing extending from Westmore Ave to Ardmore Ave seals the well traveled east west rails on the north side of the tracks. The ceremony began with a Father Tuan (St. Alexander’s parish) blessing and prayer. Pro safety Villa Park President Joyce Stupegia then spoke of the arduous, costly task in securing the additional fencing, thanking those that have contributed in the endeavor. It was 3 years ago that the tragic death of 14 year old Kristen T. Bowen (Lombard) sparked a fierce battle initiated by safety advocates to win approval for a barrier that would separate North Terrace Park and nearby residents from the deadly railway. T.E.A.R.S. (Targeting Education Awareness & Railroad Safety) Representatives Helen Byrd and Marjorie McCaleb were on hand and presented Stupegia with flowers and gifts in appreciation for her strong efforts. A passionate Stupegia urged surrounding communities to take note of the safety measures taken in Villa Park and to follow their leadership.

                 T.E.A.R.S. President Ray Zukowski "The new fence will limit pedestrians from taking short cuts over these tracks, especially children. In addition to North Terrace Park we have sealed off the Iowa Community Center, Jefferson Middle School, Sunset Park and Pool. You can not help but be excited, this is what Kristen's Law is all about!"

                  Congratulations go out to President Joyce Stupegia, KristensLaw Author and Villa Park Trustee John Davis, Union Pacific Railroad, The Dupage Safety Council, Operation Life Saver, T.E.A.R.S., Father Tuan, Bob Biggins , Carl Timmerman, Carole Pankau, Chip Pew, Dane Cuny, Dr Lanny Wilson, Gorman, Dave, J. Menolascino , James Magner , Jay Tovian , Jeff Redick , John Valle , Mike Meyer , Phyllis Gregory ,  Ray Fisher , Ray Zukowski , Richard Crosley , Sandra Pihos 42nd Distric Rep, Schewe Dist. 48 , Steve Humphrey , Tom Zapler ,  William Lyons , Steve Sebby, Rick Soderstrom, William Mueller,  J. Payne, Bob Niemann and all who contributed. 

                               Thank You for a job well done! Without your support this dream would have never come true !!