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The Fence work is complete ! Permanent Memorial Approved at North Terrace Park. Without your support this dream would have never come true!
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Hope After Loss of a Child



We at can respect the railroads and applaud their efforts in maintaining a quality educational safety program. Unfortunately education alone is not enough. People are dying. Children are dying. We need to target high risk areas and implement the necessary safety solutions before loss of life occurs!!



Did You Know?

An engineer who brakes to avoid a fatality could lose his job!
An engineer who does not is given a 30 day paid leave of absence!

If you would like to schedule someone to speak at an upcoming event, please contact us at

           Suicide on the Tracks


About Kristen's Story
From birth through her final days we will take a close look at Kristen’s short time on earth with us. This inspirational biography will reveal Kristen’s early struggles growing up a twin sister in a large family without her mother and how through determination she learned how to adapt, achieve,conquer and eventually redefine the word "personality."



                    Chase Church

Need an Attorney?

KristensLaw has done the homework regarding attorneys and their experience in handling railroad related injuries and fatalities. We can refer you to the most prominent law firms in the state of Illinois.

In Loving Memory...

Jonathon Siwek


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  Kristen Teresa Bowen
Kristen was born July 13th 1991 and was killed when she was struck by a freight train in Villa Park, Illinois on February 11th, 2006. Kristen, an Honors Freshman at Willowbrook High School was struck and killed by an eastbound Union Pacific freight train at 7:55 when she was enroute to meet a friend at the North Terrace Park.

Is Kristen Bowen an innocent victim of a political system influenced by big money campaign contributions, lobbyists and fears of liability? Can the largest railroad company in the nation control multiple levels of government? What is the relationship between Union Pacific Railroad and the Federal Railroad Administration? Is our system of checks and balances as strong as we think? Why won't the railroads provide safety barriers in high risk areas? Why aren't the railroads held to the same safety requirements as the residents? How do they get away with it? How many lives are lost annually? How many more lives will be lost?


 Click on image for map of Queen of Heaven Cemetery: 708-449-8300, 1400 S Wolf Rd, Hillside, IL 60162, US - Kristen is in Block 23, Section 19, Lot 835

Did You Know?

In the United States there is another railroad casualty every 53 minutes!



Kyle Vandeveer


T.E.A.R.S. Seeks Your Support

Our very own 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation T.E.A.R.S. ( Targeting Education Awareness & Railroad Safety ) is a Public Safety, Educational Organization that assists families who have lost loved ones to the railroad. Dedicated to the protection of our children and adults in our homeland, our safety group along with volunteers welcome your tax deductible donations.

Adriana Chew

Zukowski Radio Interview



Shawn Stone-Garzee



                    Danny Twist

Visitation Held for Fallen Scholar

  Visitation was held Monday, May 29 for Marielle C. Anderson at the Smits Funeral Homes Memorial Chapel in Steger, Illinois. A heavy flow of children and adults poured their way through the chapel to offer condolences and final farewells to the would be graduate. Marielle who was just one day away from getting her high school diploma, was killed in Steger on May 23. The 19 year old honors student after leaving from having her hair styled for graduation was riding her bike when she was struck by a Union Pacific freight train at Steger Road and 34th Street around 4:30 p.m. Witnesses said she was riding her bicycle on the sidewalk that crosses over the tracks. Gates were down for the cars, but there were no gates to protect pedestrian traffic at either sidewalk crossing. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Anderson Family.



In Loving Memory

Marielle C. Anderson
February 8, 1987 to May 23, 2006

Did You Know?

In many rural areas the Railroads are required by law to install fencing to protect livestock!



Christopher Davis

Mason Behymer           Kyle  Myers




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3/28Safety Summit Held
3/2Student Dead in Crash
3/1Man Rescues Girls From Tain
2/13Fund in Son's Memory
2/7Man Killed in Lake Co
2/1Car Struck in Mason City
1/8/18Pedestrian Dead In S. IL
12/29/17Car vs Train in S Illinois
12/24Bicyclist fatally struck
12/22Man Killed by CTA
12/20Improvements After Death
12/19RR Look to Increase Safety
12/15UP Hits Car in Melrose Park
12/14Train Hits Car 1 Hurt
11/17Woman Dead in Elgin
11/7Metra Hits Woman, Dog
11/2Car vs Train 1 Dead
10/28Haunted Railroad Crossing
10/26Patrols Target Safety
10/26Semi Hit Man Hurt
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9/26Barrington Man Critical
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8/242 Car-Train Accident
8/22Matt Hughes Back on Mats
8/14Hughes Recovery a Miracle
8/6Blue Signs Save Lives
8/5Amtrak Hits Car 1 Dead
8/1Law Reduces RR Violations
7/26Woman Dead in Wilmette
7/25Hughes Out of Coma
7/211 Dead Train vs Tractor
7/19Metra's Suicide Prevent
7/91 Hurt in Train vs Car
7/87 Deaths Last month
7/4Ex-Champ Off Ventilator
7/21 Hurt in Round Lake
6/30Danville Boy on Bike Killed
6/26Boy Killed by Mont Clare
6/26Ex Champ Hughes Improves
6/24Cyclist Killed on Tracks
6/23Man Hurt Jumping Train
6/21Teen Killed Deeply Missed
6/19Boy on Bike Killed by Train
6/17UFC Champ vs Train
6/16NO Lights NO Gates 5 Dead
6/154 Killed Near Nokomis, IL
6/10Vehicle Hit by Train
6/8Ticket For Train Collision
6/1Amtrak Hits Car Carbondale
5/28Donations Sought For Teen
5/272017 Metra Contest Winners
5/261 Dead in Car vs Train
5/21Woman Injured in Car-Train Crash
5/14Man Taking Selfie Hit by Train
4/25Train vs Car in Wilmette
4/19Illinois High in Fatalities
4/13ICC Plans to Reduce Dangers
4/32 Killed Near Gilman
3/181 Dead Train vs Car Clinton Co
3/8Metra Plans 51 Safety Blitzes
3/6ATV Rider Killed by Train
2/23Monmouth Driver Hit by Train
2/16Recent Fatalities Mount
2/16Springfield Jogger Killed
2/11Driver Ed Gets RR Safety
2/1Illinois 2016 Death Toll
1/26Metra Hits Car, 1 Dead
1/26Metra Train Hits Police Car
12/29Illinois to Double Fines
11/30Car Hit by Train Mt Prospect
11/8Pedestrian Killed in Roselle
10/18Sterling Teen Killed by Train
10/11PSA Reminds us Use Caution
10/6Truck Hit by Train
10/6Truck vs Train Coal City
9/12Lockport Man Killed Crossing
9/11RR Safety Tips
9/10RR Safety Week 9/11
9/2Car Hit Gilman Man Dead
9/1Mom Marks Anniversary
8/29E Alton Man Hit by Amtrak
8/13Car Hits Train Orland Park
8/91 Dead in Metra Crash
8/4Rule Breakers to Pay Fine
7/27Man Hurt in Highland Park
7/24Higher Speeds for Trains
7/17Cyclist Hit Injured by Train
7/6Woman Killed Centralia
7/1Cop Accepts Award
6/30Metra Reminds us of Danger
6/29Boy Killed by Metra Electric
6/282 dead Saturday Iroquois County
6/28Bicyclist Hit by Train
6/272 Dead in Freak Accident
6/231 Dead Train vs Tractor in Plano
6/13Truck vs Train in Taylorsville
6/3Metra Hosts Safety Train
6/3County to Reroute Prairie Path
5/288 yr Old Hurt in Evanston
5/261 Dead 1 Hurt in Decatur
5/25State Gets Tougher on Crossings
5/15Man Dies After Car Hit
5/12Car Struck Drives Away
5/4Woman Rescued From UnderTrain
5/32 Pedestrians Struck
4/20Many Close Calls Near Galva
4/15Person Killed in Elmwood Park
4/14Semi vs Train Near Galva
4/13Pedestrian Killed Downers Grove
4/12Pedestrian Killed Hanover Park
4/4Somonauk Victim Identified
4/41 Killed 6 Hurt in CTA Crash
4/41 Killed by Amtrak in Somonauk
3/291 Hurt in Train vs Car
3/25Car Hit by Train 2 Hurt
2/20Truck Hit in Joliet
2/9Man Killed in Bloomington
2/8Train Kills in Northbrook
1/211 Dead Car vs Train
1/20Woman Hurt in Hometown
1/16Amtrak Hits Truck in Lisle
1/14Man Killed in Elgin
1/8Man Dies Week Later
1/1Family Remembers 2 Killed
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12/29Train Hits Car 2 Dead
12/15Man Killed by CTA
11/18Woman Hit by Train Critica
11/18Milford Man Killed Train vs Car
11/8Man Wearing Headphones Dead
11/1Remembering Fox River Grove
10/18Photography on Tracks
10/3PTC Mandate Threatens Transit
9/16Families Safety Reminder
9/15Troopers Safety Week
9/13RR Safety Week
9/7Lemont Teen Remembered
9/417 Yr Girl Killed
8/27Mt Prospect Woman Killed
7/30Train Slams Mail Truck
7/28ABC Deadly Crossings
7/23Prospect Hts Man Killed
7/16Pedestrian Killed Lake Forest
7/15Cyclist Killed in Riverside
7/10Elgin Man Killed
6/16RR Safety Emphasized
6/4Woman Killed in Deerfield
6/3Concerns Rise With Death Toll
6/3Pedestrian Killed in Lisle
5/26Rail Safety Highlighted
5/24Woman Killed in Streator
5/24Dekalb Man Killed by Train
5/21Woman on Tracks Rescued
5/15Morton Grove Woman Dies
5/15Man Killed in Lemont
5/15Woman Killed by Train
4/28Animal Rescue Fatal
4/24Woman Killed by Metrolink
4/10Woman Killed by Blue Line
3/271 Dead in Collision
3/262 Hurt in Sparta
3/17Improvements Considered
3/17Train Kills Tilton Teen
3/12Man Kileed in Ashton
3/6Pedestrian Killed Round Lake
3/5Train Derails Near Galena
3/3Electric Train Kills 1
3/1Man Killed in Burbs
2/26Driver Killed in Woodstock
2/23Train vs Truck Kills 1
2/19Award for Rail Safety
2/15Bill to Improve Crossings
2/10Illinois RR Safety
2/9Champaign Grad Killed
2/7Man Killed Near Joliet
1/26ICC Closes Crossing
1/14Close Call in Itasca
12/23Hero Saves Woman
12/4Boy Convalescing
12/3Semi Driver Killed
12/2Boy Hit by Train
11/18Man Killed in Lemont
10/314 Dead in Vandalia
10/9See Tracks, Think Train
10/7Woman Killed in Highwood
9/30Pedestrian Fatalities
9/15Rail Safety Week
9/8Man Killed Lake Forest
9/4Lake Zurich Teen Critical
8/8Chicago Pair Killed
8/1Brother Sister Killed
7/31Cyclist Killed in DesPlaines
7/4Savanna Man Injured
6/21Man Dies SUV vs Train
6/20One Killed by Freight Train
6/10Man Killed by Orange Line
6/7Man Killed on Red Line
6/1Heights Man Killed by Train
5/29Woman Killed Arlington
5/28Geneva Pedestrian Killed
5/24Barrington CN Urgency
5/17Man Killed by CTA Train
5/15Dominic Returns to School
5/15Heros Honored in Barrington
5/13Man Killed in LaGrange
4/30KTB 2/11 365 Times a Year
4/16Pedestrian Killed in DesPlaines
3/25Worth the Risk?
3/21Barrington Boy Rescuers
3/1811 Yr Old Hit by Train
3/15Woman Killed in Bensenville
3/4Chenoa Man Killed by Train
1/12Man Killed in Waterman
1/1Death on the Rails
12/31Report High Risk Areas
12/15Man Killed in Morton Grove
11/21Rock Island Woman Hurt
10/31Train Hits Plow: 1 Hurt
10/15Camp Point Victim Identified
10/10Princeton Man Killed by Train
9/29Semi-Train Collide
9/1Report High Risk Areas
8/26UP To Pay for New Bridge
8/25The Safety Partners
8/18T.E.A.R.S. Attorney Referral
8/1Fisherman Killed by Train
7/20Morton Grove Man Killed
7/13RR Discusses Derailment
7/13Suicide on the Tracks
7/6UP Derailment Kills Couple
7/4SIU Man Killed by Train
6/28Aurora Man Killed by Train
6/25Cyclist Killed in Hanover Park
6/17Pedestrian Killed on UP Line
6/15Train vs Car 1 Dead
5/30Death On UP North Line
5/5Woman's Foot Severed
4/19Western Springs 6th Annual
3/26Investigation Into Morris Death
3/21 Gates Fail in Madison Death
3/11Woman Killed in Rock Island
3/3Motorcyclist Killed By Train
3/1Lake Forest Grieves Victims
2/26Children Die from Injuries
2/23Clark County Update
1/27Dupage Cops&Safety
1/19Headphones:Pedestrian Deaths
1/9Lake Forest Teen Killed
12/26Train Kills Palatine Man
11/16Woman Found on Tracks
11/11DG Resident Recalls Tragedy
11/9Pedestrian Hit Downers Grove
10/28Woman Killed in Mchenry
10/27Police Target RR Safety
10/266th Metra Safety Contest
10/12Woman Killed Near Canal
10/3Mom Pushes Train Safety
9/18RR Crossings Deadly
8/23State Champ Killed By Train
8/17Metra Contest Winners
7/31Naperville Student Killed
7/27Woman Killed near Buckley
6/271 Dead in Adams Co Crash
6/212 Dead Near Cicero Station
6/7T.E.A.R.S. Judges 5th Annual
5/25Naperville Pedestrian Killed
5/19Man Killed in Glenview
5/18Metra Engineer Recovering
5/12T.E.A.R.S. Attorney Referral
4/25Grad dies in Train Accident
4/16Train Kills in Wood Dale
4/4Train Kills in Blue Island
3/6RR Crossing Safety Priority
3/5Drivers Ticketed at Crossings
2/28Safety Changes Detailed
2/18Wilson Recognized for Efforts
2/14Gates Fail: 4 Hurt in Chicago
2/11KTB 2/11 365 Times a Year
ARCHRemembering A Friend
ARCHKristen; A Special Tribute
ARCHT.E.A.R.S. Memo One Year
1/21Niantic Man Killed by Train
1/202 Critical in Golden Crash
1/20Train Collisions Up in 2010
1/14Chicago:Man Killed by Train
12/31Car Hit by Train 1 Dead
12/18Truck Hit by Train
11/26Truck Struck by Train
11/24Danger on the Tracks
11/19Pedestrian Struck by Train
11/18Pedestrian Struck Serious
10/30T.E.A.R.S. "More Safety"
10/29Grants Used to Enforce Safety
10/27Memories of Crash Lingers
10/6Family Wants Answers
10/5Teen Struck by Train Critical
9/30Rail Groups Stress Safety
8/24Bird Tracker Killed by Train
8/4Man Killed in Desplaines
7/13Hghts Woman Killed by Train
6/10T.E.A.R.S. To Metra Contest
6/4Boy Killed by Train Bluford
5/25Always Expect A Train
5/23Motorcycle hits Train
5/15Don't Trust RR Signals
4/21Positive Train Control
4/19Fisherman Killed by Train
4/19No Lights,Gates at Crossing
4/17UP Metra Safety Project
4/17Dance Teacher Killed by Train
4/14W Chicago Students Awarded
4/13Cops Step it Up
4/1Cary: Watch for Trains
3/13Woman and Child Killed
3/5Man Killed in Auburn,IL
2/24Teacher Killed by  Train
2/11Train Strikes Car 1 Dead
1/28Students Promote Rail Safety
1/22Train-Car Collision 1 Dead
12/21What Can be Done?
12/12Franklin Park Man Killed
12/11Woman Killed by Amtrak
12/1Distractions Cause Fatalities
11/18Metra 4th Annual Kicks Off
11/17UP Helps with Violations
11/6Safety Week Hits Home
11/3Davis Family Promotes Safety
11/2Crossing Safety Week
10/15RR Urges Stop at Crossings
9/30RR Underpass Work Begins
9/9Metro Kills Man on Track
8/17Amtrak Kills Man on Track
8/15Metra Safety Winners
7/153 Killed in LaSalle Co
6/10RR Workers Warn Safety
6/2T.E.A.R.S. at Safety Contest
5/31Man Killed by Train S. Ill
5/232 Killed by Train Identified
5/6Train Kills Bloomingdale Man
4/ Metra Contest
4/20Antioch Man Killed by Train
4/15Trains Can't Swerve
4/3Villa Park Fence Complete
3/18Crossing Controversy
3/14Town Cries for Heather
3/13Train Truck Crash Kills 1
3/3Distracted Pedestrians at Risk
2/23Teammates Honor Friend
2/20Illinois #1 in Rail Deaths
2/16Boy Killed by Train
2/12Pedestrian Killed Naperville
2/11Kristen 3 Years Missed
2/4Friends Remember Catlin Man
2/3Man Dead in Train Accident
2/1Crossing Flaws a Concern
1/31Arlington Man Killed by Train
1/23Metra Hits Pedestrian Palatine
1/12Woman Killed by Freight Train
12/26CN Rail Deal OK'd
12/24Pedestrian Killed in Danville
12/19Motorist Killed in Collision
12/12Suicide on the Tracks
11/26Man Killed in Westmont
11/1311 Million in Metra Deaths
11/12Woman Killed by Amtrak
11/7Man Killed in Glenview
11/6Train Kills in Southern IL
11/3Drivers Fail Rail Test
10/30Rockford Man Identified
9/26Group Aim to Prevent Deaths
9/26Additional Fencing Approved!
9/19RR Safety Council Meets
9/9Bikers Ride for Cause
9/9Villa Park Tasked on Fencing
8/8Train Kills Sandwich Man
8/4GEARS for T.E.A.R.S.
8/3Block Party Promotes Safety
7/14Marissa Candlelight Vigil
7/14Amtrak Kills Pedestrian
6/30Woman Hit by Train Berwyn
6/14Metra Rewards Winners!
6/6Thank You from T.E.A.R.S.
6/5T.E.A.R.S. in West Chicago
6/3Bicyclist Killed by Train
6/13yr Old Girl Killed by Train
5/31KristensLaw on Abingdon
5/30Tiffany Davis Receives Award
5/29Woman Killed by Train Id
5/27Boy 13 Killed by Train
5/21Riverside Ruling Weeks Away
5/16Man in Wheelchair Identified
5/14Train Kills Man in Wheelchair
4/29Train Kills 2 in Grundy Co
4/16Davis' Promote Safety Locally
3/21T.E.A.R.S. to Judge Metra
2/15DesPlaines Man Killed
2/11Kristen Remembered 2 Years
1/23BNSF Freight Kills in Hinckley
1/22S. Illinois Man Killed by Train
1/17Senator Files RR Legislation
1/12Jury Calls For More Safety
1/10Rail Worker Killed by Train
1/9Police Nab Duo RR Update
1/5Thieves Hit RR Crossings
12/30BNSF Employee Killed
12/27Roselle Man Killed by Metra
12/27Roselle Man Killed by Metra
12/24Tani Eulogy From Orbit
12/20Train Kills Lombard Woman
12/06T.E.A.R.S. at Marissa Vigil
11/22Kristen Bowen Memorial
11/21Vigil Remembers Victims
11/20Vigil Today in Marissa
11/16Kristen Bowen Memory 11/17
11/14Student Killed in Naperville
11/10Vigil Set for Marissa Victims
11/5Aurora Woman Killed
10/26Student Had Kindest Heart
10/25ISU Student Killed by Train
10/22Jon Siwek Remembered
10/18Memorial Works to Prevent Rail Deaths
10/16Woman Injured by Train
10/15Pee Wee Benefit for T.E.A.R.S.
10/4Siwek RR Safety Benefit Set
9/27Signals, Gates for Cameron!
9/14Woman Killed in Harvey, IL
9/11Bicyclist Identified
9/10Bicyclist Killed by Train
9/9Man Killed by Train
9/3Woman Killed by Metra Train
9/1Dad's Efforts Pay Off: Marissa
8/31Marissa Gates Approved !
8/24Man Killed in LaGrange
8/21Villa Park Man Killed by Train
8/19Fox River Teacher Killed
8/18Leaders to Quiet Train Horns
8/ Metra Awards
8/17Metra Winners Announced
8/17Homeless Man Killed
8/13Macomb Man Dies After...
8/12Need Help Identifying Victim
8/7Man Hit Killed by Train
8/2Woman Killed by Train
7/24Man Struck Near Centralia
7/18Colona Steps Up Rail Safety
7/10Train Deaths Injuries Overview
7/ V P Parade
7/2Teen Injured by Train
7/1T.E.A.R.S. Aid to 24 Families
6/30Tiffany Davis seeks Memorial
6/18Train Kills Pedestrian
6/16T.E.A.R.S. To Metra Contest
6/04Cyclist Killed by CTA Train
5/30Lifesaver on Colona Death
5/26Man Killed by Amtrak Train
5/25Man Killed by CSX Train
4/18Davis Elected to Village Board
3/7T.E.A.R.S. to Judge Metra
3/3Train Death in Monmouth
2/23Family Petitions for Crossing
2/21Walnut Hill Details Released
2/203 Dead in Walnut Hill
2/12Mending Fences
2/12Remembering A Friend
2/11Kristen; A Special Tribute
2/11T.E.A.R.S. Memo One Year
1/22Fence Posts Grounded!!
11/30Pedestrian Killed on Northside
11/29Red Robin Joins Crusade!
11/29T.E.A.R.S. Gets Ebay Nod for Non-Profit Selling !
11/28Julie out of ICU!
11/26Julie Seymour Awake!!
11/24Seymour Girl Clings to Life
11/233 Injured in Train Collision
11/23BBQ Fundraiser Aids Marissa
11/22 Services set for Marissa
11/21KristensLaw's John Davis Appointed to Board
11/21KristensLaw Reports on Marissa Horror
11/21T.E.A.R.S.  Off to Marissa
11/21A Message for Marissa
11/20 3 Dead in Southern Illinois
11/17Zukowski, Davis meet Mayor
11/13ICC Responds to Greenwood
11/09Final Approval for Fencing
11/08 Update Mt. Greenwood
11/06KristensLaw Back to Greenwood
11/03Lombard OKs RR Fence
11/01Justin Glassmyer Remembered
10/31Update on Litchfield Death
10/28Man Killed by U.P.Train
10/28Fox River Grove Needs Help !
10/27Railroad to Fund Villa Park!
10/27Tragedy Triggers Memories
10/26Teen Killed at 7 Angels
10/25Fence to Seperate Neighbors
10/20 Chicago man killed by Train
10/20KristensLaw  Board Message
10/20Lombard Moves on Fence
10/20SUCCESS! We Prevail !!!
10/19Lombard Vote Today !
10/13RR Fencing Plan Close
10/12Vote to Decide Life or Death!
10/11Committee recommends Fence
10/11Safety Committee United !
10/10 Safety Meeting TODAY !
10/07T.E.A.R.S. Targets Park
10/06Metra Train Kills in Westmont
10/04501(c)(3)Status for T.E.A.R.S.
10/02T.E.A.R.S. to be a Factor
10/01About T.E.A.R.S.
09/23Train Hit Garbage Truck Toluca
9/13Lombard Unanimous On Fence
9/12KristensLaw Memo To Board
9/8 Railroad safety talks continue
8/21KristensLaw Reports on Southern IL Deaths
8/18KristensLaw investigates Berwyn Deaths
8/17Amtrak Kills 2 in Berwyn
8/8Lombard Meeting Update
7/13Kristen and Kendra's birthday
7/1Local Bands Rally for Cause!
6/25Steger Rocks for Marielle
6/24Thank You!
6/22Benefit to Aid Family of Victim
6/7Newspapers recognize website
6/2Kristenslaw reveals untold story in Steger Death
6/1Kristenslaw returns to Steger
5/24Car wash rakes in cash to keep kids off tracks
5/23Railway safety Event was great experience for kids and adults
5/20Car wash fundraiser Success